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MedDirect is a national Third Party Administrator of certified drug testing and Medical Review Officer services. We service both federally regulated and non-regulated companies throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

We understand your need for more than just another vendoryou need consistent and reliable service! MedDirect will assist your company in every aspect of DOT compliance drug testing. Infact, you will need to do very little once you come on board with our "AuditReady" ™ system.

Since the first day of the original DOT drug testing mandates, we have assisted thousands of companies with a successful compliance system which meets or exceeds the expectation of DOT compliance audits. We have enjoyed national recognition with The Department of Transportation as well as various transportation industry associations, including the American Trucking Association. MedDirect is considered to be one of the premiere drug testing programs available today.

We offer the following compliance services:
- DOT "AuditReady"™ System
- Anti-Drug Plan and Company Policy Writing Assistance
- Specimen Collection Site Set-up anywhere in the U.S.
- SAMHSA Certified Drug Testing
- Certified Medical Review Officers (MRO)
- Bi-Annual and Annual MIS Statistical Reports
- Administration of "Blind Samples"
- Scientific Random Testing Selection
- Nationwide Post-Accident Services/Assistance
- Centralized Customer Service
- Regulations Consultation