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Tito's had a humble beginning on Flores street in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. Tito's was founded with the sole belief that there was a better means of delivering the great taste of jalapeos to a wider audience in a more convenient package. This was to be done in the form of our legendary “single pack” jalapeos. After outgrowing our facility in San Antonio we relocated to the nearby town of New Braunfels where we could control our quality better and insure that nothing but the finest products reached our customers. Recently we added our new 12oz resealable container to the single packs giving concessionaires, restaurants and families a new way to conveniently store and access not only jalapeos but the cascabella peppers that we have added to our line as well thanks to their great flavor and spiciness. We remain here today to proudly serve our many customers who we are happy to say are growing in numbers daily, thanks to you!