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ILD Technologies is a San Antonio, Texas based manufacturer of the premier line of active and intelligent lightning protection equipment RabunTM systems. Based on fully patented technology, RabunTM products are engineered to detect nearby lightning strikes and automatically isolate sensitive electronic equipment before destructive surges can develop on incoming lines and through ground paths. With an installed equipment base of thousands of units worldwide, RabunTM products continue to provide the highest level of facility protection for industrial, commercial and utility customers.

Who Are Our Customers?

Refineries, Process Plants, Industrial Facilities
Electric, Cable TV and Water Utilities, Irrigation System Operators
Airports, Shipping Ports, Transport Hubs
Detention Facilities
Data and Telecommunications Centers
Government, Military, Defense Installations
Our Services
In addition to manufacturing, ILD Technologies also provides a full range of on-site technical services in order to work closely with customers for the development of comprehensive facility lightning protection plans and system design. These services include:

Project Planning and Facility Consulting
On-Site Lightning Protection Assessment
Grounding and Power Quality Testing
Surge Suppression System Design