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Security and Communications from Viking Electronics, Inc.

1531 Industrial St. Hudson, WI 54016

Company Profile
Viking Electronics designs and manufactures over 500 communication and security products, including VoIP and analog emergency phones, entry systems, paging interfaces, paging amplifiers, mass notification systems, hot line products, and enclosures. Several of these product lines are offered with enhanced weather protection for added defense in harsh environments. Many Viking products are designed to fix or add unique features to telephone or security applications, helping to keep costs down while maintaining ease of use. All Viking products are designed, manufactured, and supported right here in the USA, and are backed by a two year limited warranty.

We Stay Close to You-

We made a decision long ago to keep all engineering, production, and shipping right here in Hudson, Wisconsin. Its more than just a “Made in the USA” policy - it’s our way of keeping close to our customers.

Staying close applies to customer service and product support as well. Whether you call to get product information or support on a technical issue, you'll be talking to someone here in Hudson - not someone on another continent. Plus, you will get the answer you're looking for, because our customer service and product support staff have decades of experience.

Speaking of staying close, you're never far from one of Vikings distributors. They stock our most popular products.

We Listen to You-

For over 45 years we've been asking our customers to “Call us first.” Whether the question is about our products or another company's communication or security equipment, we've always wanted to know what issues you face on a daily basis. In fact, that's where we get our best ideas for product improvements from you! So, the next time you're wondering if we make a product that does something out of the ordinary, pick up the phone and call us. If we don't make, well tell you who does.


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